This recent article in the SMH asks the question “what does money mean to you”; a very good question that everyone should ask themselves. In truth the answer is different for different people.

Being financially secure is very important for everyone and something we at MENTOR1 strive for with our clients. Beyond that, is having bucket loads of cash the real goal in life? Or is it the opportunities those bucket loads of cash afford you that’s really important.

And without ever really identifying “what’s important to you” in life, you may find that having great wealth, doesn’t compensate for a lack of drive or purpose to get out of bed each day, and may very well leave you feeling unfulfilled in life.

That’s why we take the time to ask the questions to our clients of what’s really important to you, what are your financial goals and your life goals both professionally and personally. Because if you can’t clearly articulate this, building a solid and relevant financial plan, is actually quite difficult.

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