Almost 5 million Australians received an increase in welfare payments from 20 September 2022. The Federal Government announced the largest indexation increase to pensions in 12 years, while other welfare payments will see the highest rise in more than three decades. The increase has, in part, been driven up by the highest inflation in decades.

Latest Age Pension rates (from 20 September 2022)

From 20 September 2022 the maximum full Age Pension increased $38.90 per fortnight for a single person, and $58.80 a fortnight for a couple.

The tables below provide more detail in terms of the latest increase and how the Age Pension is broken down.

Age Pension rates for a single person




Maximum base rate



Maximum pension supplement



Energy supplement


Total (per fortnight)



Total (per year)*




Age Pension rates for a couple (living together)


Amount (each)

Increase (each)

Amount (combined)

Increase (combined)

Maximum base rate





Maximum pension supplement





Energy supplement



Total (per fortnight)





Total (per year)*





Source: Services Australia. Applicable 20 September 2022 to 19 March 2023

Can I earn extra income without losing benefits?

Yes, the Government announced a proposal that people on the aged, veterans and disability pensions will also be able to earn extra income from working without losing their pension benefits.

It is proposed that Pensioners will be able to earn an extra $4,000 a year without penalty, from December 2022 to 30 July 2023

If you’re eligible for the Age Pension, the amount you’ll receive depends on your age and residency, income, and the value of your assets. Learn more about Age Pension eligibility and requirements. Note that this proposal is still subject to passing of Legislation.

When is the next Age Pension increase?

The Age Pension rates will next potentially change on 20 March 2023. Increases are likely but not certain because the Australian Bureau of Statistics evaluates these increases based on changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), Male Total Average Weekly Earnings, and the Pensioner and Beneficiary Living Cost Index.

Age Pension rates and the upper thresholds for the assets and income tests used to determine eligibility for a part Age Pension are adjusted in March and September each year. The lower limits used to determine eligibility for the full Age Pension change in July each year.

How often is the Age Pension paid?

The Age Pension is normally paid fortnightly, but you can apply to the Department of Human Services (via Centrelink) to receive weekly payments if you are:

  • Homeless (or risk becoming homeless)

  • Having trouble managing your money.

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What other payments are increasing?

JobSeeker Payment, Parenting Payment, ABSTUDY and Rent Assistance will also increase.

JobSeeker recipients aged over 22 without children will receive an additional $25.70 a fortnight, taking their payment to $677.20 a fortnight (includes the Energy Supplement).

Single parents will receive an extra $35.20 a fortnight, taking their parenting payment to $927.40 per fortnight (including the Pension Supplement and Energy Supplement).

The maximum rent assistance payment will go up by $5.80 per fortnight for singles with no children to $151.60, and by $5.40 for couples with no children to $142.80.

It will go up by $6.86 per fortnight for single parents and couples with up to two children, and by $7.70 per fortnight for single parents and couples with three or more children.

For couples on JobSeeker or parenting payments, the rate will increase by $23.40 a fortnight to $616.60 (including the Energy Supplement).

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