Any Lifestage

The right financial plan, wherever life’s at

Whatever your stage of life, the financial planners at Mentor1 have the professional qualifications and life experience to improve how you live now and the future.

Starting out 20-30

Opportunities include:

  • How you structure your mortgage and personal loans to save money
  • Save on fees by getting all your superannuation together
  • Managing your income to help plan your family’s needs

Building wealth 30-45

Opportunities include:

  • Restructuring your mortgage to help better manage your debt
  • Investment strategies e.g. additional superannuation contributions, or starting an investment portfolio.
  • Protecting what you’ve worked hard to get, without additional premiums

Planning for retirement 45-60

Opportunities include:

  • Growing your superannuation, while maintaining your income
  • Better managing your assets and debt structures
  • Protecting what you’ve worked so hard to grow
  • Making sure you’re not paying more tax than you need to

Enjoying your retirement 60+

Opportunities include:

  • Safeguarding your nest egg with sensible long term investment strategies
  • Benefiting from government rules and regulations on pensions & super
  • Structuring your investments to help your kids, or grandkids, with their financial goals

Like to find out more?

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