Estate Planning

Bringing your family into the picture with Estate Planning

A critical reason for developing a financial plan is to support and protect your family. Estate planning is about ensuring that should the unforeseen happen, your loved ones are still cared for.

Estate Plan Integration

Mentor1 will ensure that your estate plan is integrated with your overall financial plan.

The purpose of financial planning is to support you in achieving your life goals.

Just as important as how you accumulate your wealth is how you protect and distribute it.

As part of your overall strategy, your financial adviser will ensure that your estate needs are identified and the correct strategy is put in place.

For example, life insurance is all about ensuring funds are there to support your loved ones once you are gone.

But without an appropriate will, these intentions could come unstuck.

With this in hand, the estate planning lawyers can execute your will and other particulars in a way that supports your financial and family goals.

With proper structuring of wills, trusts and enduring powers of attorney, you will be able to:

  • protect your assets for your heirs
  • control how they are distributed
  • manage taxes

Estate Planning Experts

On execution, we work closely with your lawyers or we can recommend one from our panel. We will help them deliver all the elements of your estate plan – which may include:

      • Enduring Powers of Attorney
      • Testamentary Trust
      • Enduring guardianship
      • Wills
      • Protecting your assets against creditor claims