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We’ve created a series of eBooks to help our clients stay abreast of financial matters and understand the choices that are available to them. Hopefully they provide the information you need and address the issues that will be relevant to you. If not, stay posted as we’re updating and adding content to the books all the time.

The Mortgage Reduction Guide

Smart ideas to become mortgage free

It’s the great Australian dream to own your own home. More than just the security of having a place to live, home ownership is a solid long- term investment for most people. Regardless of market fluctuations in rising or falling home prices and interest rates, a mortgage is a necessity for most people. This book aims to help you get to the point of home ownership faster than you may have expected, so you can own your dream instead of the bank. When you use some simple strategies to pay off your mortgage early, you can relax in comfort.

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First Home Buyers Guide

Simple steps to own your first home sooner

Buying your first home is a practical investment. Not only are you providing yourself or your family with a place to live, you’re essentially paying yourself instead of a landlord. You’re also taking control over the place you live in – you no longer have to ask permission when you want to touch up the paintwork. A lot depends on how you start. By investing time up-front in planning, budgeting and preparation, you will avoid costly mistakes down the road. This guide lays groundwork of what you need to think about when buying a home.

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Personal and Business Insurance

Protecting your lifestyle from the unexpected with life insurance

Protecting what you have and your ability to earn more, is the foundation of a good financial plan. This eBook demystifies the world of personal insurance, explaining different types of insurance and their role in protecting you and your family from life’s unknowns. What you must know about Life Insurance, Income Protection, Total & Permanent Disability Insurance and Critical Illness cover is all here. We also tell you how paying for insurance through your superannuation can give you the protection you need.

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Planning now will put time on your side
Financial Planning for Young Families
Counting down toward a better retirement
The Retirement Guide

Taking back control of your finances
The Guide to Saving and Budgeting success