Useful Calculators

Work out how more much super you can have, how much money you can borrow comfortably or how much tax you’ll pay with our online calculators.

Superannuation Calculator

How much do you want to put into super?

This superannuation calculator helps you work out what you could have in your super at retirement. You set the variables and then adjust to work out approximately what you will have to live on in retirement. Or work backwards from the amount you’d like to have so you know how much extra you’ll need to add to your super.

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Repayment Calculator

What would be the repayments on the amount you’d like to borrow.

Borrowing within your budget is a critical part of a financial plan. This calculator will let you see how comfortable you’ll be with the repayments of a new home or investment loan. Enter the amount you’d like to borrow, enter an interest rate and then the period you’ll take the loan out for. Test out various options. Because rates can fluctuate, we suggest you assess repayments at higher interest rates. Be realistic, not just overly optimistic.

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Tax Calculator

Want to estimate tax payable on your income?

It’s tax time. Well actually it’s time to work out how much money you’ll have left over when you’ve paid your tax. Use your gross income and predicted tax deductions to get to your bottom line.

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