August economic update with Myooran Mahalingham

Myooran Mahalingam, Portfolio Manager, Global Equities and Listed Property reviews events in Australian and overseas markets during July.

In the latest update, Myooran discusses:

  • What a difference a month makes, with July a good month for investors with gains recorded by most of the world’s major share markets

  • How despite the formulation of a last minute deal that saw Greece remain in the eurozone, that this is not the end of the Greek saga and investors should be prepared for more market volatility

  • How July saw another decline in the Australian dollar, as it reached a six year low, falling 4.8% against the US dollar, and

  • How MLC’s multi-asset portfolios are positioned.

To find out more:

  Download the 2 page – August economic update.

August economic update video will load shortly.

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